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Roadhouse Story

At Roadhouse, we bring you the best of the taste that we have to offer with our decade of experience in the hospitality sector. With vast culinary experience and the perfect balance of flavor, your time at Roadhouse will be an authentic experience. Our menu selection showcases the true Newari as well as food that is widely consumed in the capital of the Himalayas. With our experience and our touch-up, we hope your time at roadhouse will be memorable.

Our Inspiration

From the beginning, we were fascinated by the flavors that the Newari community had to offer. The spices, herbs, and processes all require a significant amount of time and effort. Our food is made from scratch and is fresh. We take great care in selecting spices and herbs. Our spices are hand-selected and go through several stages of selection. We believe in using fresh and high-quality ingredients, so at Roadhouse, we use Grass-fed Proteins, and all of our food is MSG-free. What a better way to enjoy the food without even having to worry about the ingredients.